International Services

Documents are defined as unbound printed paper. This includes memos, reports, proposals, letters etc. This type of consignment does not require customs documentation.

Non – Documents are identified as anything other than documents, such as photographs, x- rays, samples, CDs and DVDs books etc. Please note that all Non-Document consignments require customs documentation (Commercial or Tax invoices depending on the country).

Door to Door/ Door to Terminal service available for heavier shipments worldwide.

We offer a comprehensive sea freight service for commercial cargo and personal or household goods.

We can assist with loading of containers and packaging of goods for sea freight transport.

Comprehensive international moves.

(FCL groupage) or full container loads (6m or 12m containers) to any part of the world.

Experts in Worldwide Shipping of fine art pieces.

Customs clearance of goods entering the UK.
Meeting the various needs and demands of the hospitality industry worldwide.
Bespoke service, dedicated driver and vehicle within the UK and Europe.

Domestic Services

Timed delivery within the United Kingdom before 9am/10h30am/12h00pm.

Delivery is made on the same day of dispatch.

Service offered within the United Kingdom for bulkier goods.

Shipping of fine art pieces within the United Kingdom.

Meeting the various needs and demands of the hospitality industry within the United Kingdom.


Sometimes, large items with a light overall weight can be charged according to the space they take up on aircraft/trucks. In these cases, Volumetric Weight is used to calculate the shipment cost. The greater of the two weights (actual or volumetric) is used to work out the price charged. Volumetric weight calculation: Length x Width x Height/5000. Airfreight: Length x Width x Height/6000.

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We are frequently asked to insure our clients shipments, that added peace of mind is wonderful. Our Account Manager will discuss the types of insurance available with you and be happy to provide a quote.

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If you are needing to ship dangerous goods, our experts will advise on rules and regulations.