Why Choose Us?

So why choose Send & Receive Worldwide Express? Because for us, the most important aspect of our business is YOU.

We are well aware that most of our clients are not in the Logistics Industry, don’t understand customs regulations, aren’t packaging experts, and have no knowledge of the potential pitfalls of sending parcels or consignments (especially worldwide!)

Send & Receive Worldwide Express continues to grow its business by removing the hassle for YOU. We take the time to understand your needs, and partner with you, making ourselves indispensable as a service provider who can offer insights and suggest alternatives – making us more than just a pounds and pence alliance for you, more than just a courier company.

We provide a friendly and professional service, that will make you feel confident no matter what you are sending, or where you are sending it. We are going to show up for YOU. We are going to be the experts, and fill that knowledge gap to help YOU and exceed your expectations!

No matter if you are sending a once off parcel to your family, or a container load of product to a hard-won new client, our goal is to make the experience as stress free and happy as possible!

Our friendly staff (who have been with us for years – we love consistency) love a challenge! They care about our customers, so our customers stay with us!

We offer you all the benefits of a large corporate integrator, yet with the hands-on flexibility and personal attention of a family-run business. Our team are well versed on the concepts of customs clearance and what Brexit challenges you may have.

So, back to the original question – Why Choose Us?

Continuity- expertise- hassle free, showing up for you and your business every time! Filling your knowledge gap – It’s all about YOU! That’s why!

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Did you Know?

We also have a close association with South Africa? We have offices in Johannesburg and Cape Town, ready and able to help you too!

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Please chat to our experts about UK shipping, container lines, volume of shipments in and out of the United Kingdom as well as border control and customers clearance.